What is portable power station?

Jackery Portable Power Station is a generator powered by a rechargeable battery. Equipped with AC outlet, DC garage and USB charging ports, they can keep all their equipment charged, from smartphones, laptops, CPAP and household appliances, such as mini refrigerators, electric grills and coffee makers, etc. In short, they power electronic devices with a rechargeable battery. They are similar to power banks, but have a higher capacity, higher output power, and AC (wall) outlets so they can power anything from phones to appliances.

Lighter models can be taken camping and larger models can serve as backup power during power outages. Portable power plants typically offer more output options than just AC and USB, such as 6mm DC ports and automotive power outlets, to support a wider range of devices. A generator is usually used to restore power throughout the house, or at least most of the house, as long as you have fuel to power the generator. Therefore, if the battery runs out, you will need an alternative power supply to recharge the battery to get the power station working again.

Just the names: neither a portable power plant nor a solar generator generates energy, they just store it so you can use it at any time. I focused exclusively on the models powered by rechargeable batteries with the best performance of portable power plants for their prices, but there are also models of gas generators and varieties that run on solar energy. Portable power plants have an advantage over traditional generators, as they do not require gasoline, kerosene or propane to operate. But if you need to keep high-power elements such as CPAP or oxygen machines and even kitchen appliances in operation, you can buy a power station that has an electrical power comparable to that of a traditional generator.

The best portable power plants are extremely practical for use in remote areas during power outages or in campsites, as they are portable and easy to move. However, you should know that it may take several hours to charge a portable power station before it can be used again. This allows your portable gas generator to operate continuously without having to interrupt the power supply. One of the most powerful portable generators that produces more than 10 kW of power is portable just for the sake of doing so and often requires wheeled trolleys to move.

The capacity of a portable power station indicates the amount of charge stored in the battery, measured in watt hours. People like portable power plants because it feels more natural to press a power button and not have to winterize or check fuel levels. Portable power plants are quiet and emission-free, meaning you can safely use them inside a home during a power outage. Many power plants have standard AC outlets and USB ports to power several types of devices at once.